Clare Loprinzi from Hawaii joined us for a second conversation regarding home birth and traditional midwifery

Dutch studies show the more interventions birth has, the more need for further intervention and treatment of chronic problems for both mother and child. In Holland the more educated a woman is, the more likely she is to choose to birth at home.

Article: Why Is the National U.S. Cesarean Section Rate So High?

Wikipedia on C-section

Clare Loprinzi is a Traditional Midwife, CPM, MCH, Mother Health International Director of Midwifery, a teacher…

For more information about Clare, traditional midwifery, and the natural/home birth tradition please visit Clare’s website

To see Clare testifying against GMOs at a Hawaii County Council committee click here [Video]

Full Interview (save as): Altsider Interviews Clare Loprinzi.. part 2

Transcript: …whenever we are ready…

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