We are happy to report that Mr. Gideon Levy was able to join us for a quick discussion regarding the situation in Israel and the Israeli-occupied territories. Mr. Levy is best known for his slightly divergent views on the situation with the Palestinian people in the occupied lands. “Not popular” is an understatement when it comes to describing how the people of Israel feel about his work… and yet he is a prominent journalist working for the Haaretz – the oldest daily newspaper in Israel; Mr. Levy is also very much sought-after for media interviews and lectures.

Wikipedia says about him : “Levy defines himself as a “patriotic Israeli”. He criticizes what he sees as Israeli society’s moral blindness to the effects of its acts of war and occupation. He has referred to the construction of settlements on private Palestinian land as “the most criminal enterprise in [Israel’s] history.”

For further insight into Mr. Levy’s work Altsider recommends:

  1. BBC HARDtalk – Gideon Levy [Vid]
  2. Al Jazeera World – Going Against The Grain [Vid]

Full Interview (save as): Altsider Interviews Gideon Levy

► Transcript: Gideon Levy on Israel and Palestine

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