Here at we sometimes speak about the need for a change in this world… but not the Change We Can Believe In variety… – less Nobel and more peace-oriented type of change is what we mean.. and a great way to start this change is to actually take care of ourselves by improving our health.. and a great way to start this process is through changing our eating habits – then, when we feel much better and the fog is cleared away, we could start imparting this wisdom unto other beings via the Heuristic effect, we could also start raising our children in a much better way… and animals could benefit too! To speak with us about the Heuristic effect, veganism, and children’s books, Ruby Roth visited and what she did is she actually further improved the FutureTalk experiment… thanks Ruby!


Full Interview (save as): Altsider Interviews Ruby Roth

► Transcript: Ruby Roth on MSM, Veganism and Children’s books

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