Brien Foerster of and History Channel’s Ancient Aliens was kind enough to join us for a chat regarding ancient history and building techniques

Brien has a great youtube channel, which you can see here

His own site is called – this is the place to go & find a lot more information about the subjects that we discussed and also about the upcoming Hidden Inca Tours for this and next year.

In the course of our conversation we mentioned a few places and a few people – here is a quick reference guide:

Dr. Abd’el Hakim Awyan  –
Dr. Robert Schoch –
Puma Punku –
Tiwanaku –
Sillustani –
Coricancha –
Serapeum –
Viracocha –
Ollantaytambo –

► Full Interview (save as): Altsider Interviews Brien Foerster

Transcript: Brien Foerster Interview Transcript

All Altsider interviews here –> FutureTalk

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