Among other things Mark is the host of Ohio Exopolitics Blog Talk and he is also a show host on Revolution Radio; I should also mention that he is a very good guitar player. Our second conversation was aimed at tackling the spiritual side of Billy Meier’s contact material and that is tough work, because there is so much material to be reviewed, understood, and assimilated. Luckily, Mark is ahead in this game and has got a relatively good grasp on Billy’s teachings.
We often refer in our conversation to Contact report 10, which has a densely packed version of some of the teachings by the beings who call themselves Plejarens. Here it is.
Billy has hundreds of Contact Reports in addition to a few books. But don’t despair – Mark is doing a great job of reviewing Billy’s information on his Blog talks and on his site. Please enjoy:

Full Interview (save as): Altsider Interviews Mark Snider

Transcript: Altsider Interviews Mark Snider transcript (when we are ready)

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