The Native people of South America are STILL preparing for Earth changes, warns Greg Caton, who was kind enough to visit the Atlsider for a second time…

Before listening to this interview please see some of the background to Greg’s story as presented by Mike Adams (Infowars/NaturalNews) here –> FDA dupes Interpol to achieve illegal kidnapping and deportation of herbal formulator Greg Caton

After listening to the interview you may be able to get much more information on medical history, medicines, alternative treatments and Greg’s personal story and philosophy here –>

In case you think the War on Drugs is/was a great thing, please go away; otherwise – enjoy!

► Full Interview (save as): Altsider Interviews Greg Caton (2.0)greg_9_6_4_bw_L

Transcript part 1: Nation of the Addicted

Transcript part 2:  Ayahuasca may be the Cure

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  1. Lo que darìa por tener el audio de esta entrevista! Realmente sublime! Gracias VA!

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