Yan: Hi everyone, I want to welcome you back to FutureTalk on Altsider.com. My guest today is a very interesting person – her name is Sylvie Ivanowa. Sylvie is an explorer – she is an explorer of consciousness, an explorer of history, an explorer of truth. I became aware of her work through her YouTube channel, which is called NewEarth, and at this channel she is producing some fascinating videos, which talk about our past, they talk about our ancient past, they talk about our probably wrong understanding of our history, and they also talk about consciousness. With this I would like to say: Hi Sylvie, how are you?

Sylvie: Hello, thank you for having me today on your podcast. I am fine, I hope it is the same on your end?

Yan: I’m fine, thanks. I’ve been watching your videos and I have to admit – it is a plethora of information, there is a lot of videos, and I like them a lot, and, fortunately, they have become quite popular.. so congratulations on that – I hope that they become as popular as funny cats videos on YouTube, because this information and this discussion needs to be out there… And I wanted to ask you – it is a lot of information, I will cover just a little bit of that in our conversation but you talk a lot about our history, about problems with our history, about the possibility that our history could be redacted.. and I wanted to ask you how did that process of questioning start for you?

Sylvie: Why did I question the validity of the mainstream history? Well, first of all the artifacts around the world – too many of them don’t fit with the story that we are being told in school – the examples are abundant! The most obvious ones are – how could primitive people build the megaliths that we cannot replicate even today and this is just one of the many, many examples…

Yan: And for you was it a documentary that you watched, was it a book, was it a conference, a conversation with a friend – how did this process of inquiring and asking about our ancient past – how did that process start for you?

Sylvie: Well, to be honest, at least in this time, I never believed the mainstream history, because from childhood I was into Yoga and Eastern spiritual practices and I always took the words of the ancient Vedic literature as a prime source of knowledge and they were, for me, far more trustworthy than anything I heard in school.

Yan: And I guess this process of questioning just deepened throughout the years – do you feel that you have some of the answers at this point?

Sylvie: Well, lately, my belief that mainstream history is profoundly wrong about too many things is just finding more and more confirmation from the researchers that have been labeled nowadays as alternative history researchers. Basically, they are rediscovering what is already there in a variety of ancient sources – this knowledge is already there but we call it legends, we call them myths and that suggests something fabricated, something that did not exist in reality but there is more truth in the myths than in the mainstream history!

Yan: Yes, this is fascinating – at my university I took a course in Comparative Mythology and I had to do some work with Aboriginal mythology from Australia and I worked a lot and I worked with mainstream sources but I read a lot of legends and myths from that time and I always thought, well, what if that actually represents something, which those people actually saw – maybe there were not as imaginative as we think they were, they did not make up stories all the time, maybe some of those are just interpretations of what they actually experienced and they saw.. And this question has lingered with me since then, I guess… You mention in your videos.. and by the way you have the fantastic series the Survivors of Atlantis and you have many videos, which discuss ancient megalithic work, ancient technology, metallurgy and other things, which, I guess, do not fit our view of ancient history and of the capabilities of the ancient people. I recommend all your videos but Planet of the Megaliths, which, I think, is a two hour video, is just a condensed version, and condensed material showing incredible monuments from all over the world – so I recommend this to anyone – it is called ‘Planet of the Megaliths’. Can you share with us, in terms of megaliths, some of the things, which strike you as strange – what points to our history being much more ancient that we think? Is it, for example, the case that sometimes we find the best and most interesting monuments and building techniques at the bottom of the excavation, under the current layers of megaliths?

Sylvie: Yeah, the deeper we dig, the better the technology gets! It is very obvious, for example, in many Egyptian pyramids – below surface we have gigantic smooth stones and on the top we have mud bricks …

Yan: Is this something, which occurs in other places as well?

Sylvie: Yes, indeed all over the world – in Turkey – Andrey Sklyarov has done amazing work in Turkey, showing on a number of sites like Aladja-Hoyuk – on the bottom, again, huge stones, perfect stone masonry and on the top – the technology deteriorates – things get smaller, not so well shaped – there is gap between them, eventually they start using some sort of mortar in-between the stones and the same in Peru and Bolivia – the older the megaliths, the better the quality.

Yan: Some people would say that this happens because in the ancient past those guys had a lot of time and they had a lot of slaves – would you agree with this theory?

Sylvie: Well, about having more time – it shouldn’t be according to the mainstream history because supposedly they were much more primitive and had a much harder time providing food for their family. I don’t see them having much time for hobby building if the mainstream history is correct.

Yan: …what about slaves?

Sylvie: Well, slaves – this is indeed a very popular belief – that the kings had unlimited slaves to work for them but what could slaves do? How could any human – slaves or otherwise – drag enormous stones uphill – how could slaves do it like, for example, in Peru, if we cannot do it nowadays? The Incas tried to drag only one stone, again, those were kind of workers for the king.. you could say slaves – they tried to drag on single stone uphill as ordered by their king and they couldn’t! That event ended in disaster and the stone smashed many people! It is not a question of the numbers – on those steep hills in Peru those thousands of people who were supposedly dragging the stone upwards – they have no place even where to step so what happens when they approach the top of the hill? Are they like flying and dragging the stones or hanging off the cliffs and continuing to drag them? The cliffs are pretty vertical over there so it is not always a question of numbers!

Yan: It does not make much sense but, I guess, historians insist that they had a lot of slaves so even if a few people died.. as in this accident.. they could replace them with new slaves and just keep doing it! Because, obviously they had nothing else on their mind..

Sylvie: …nothing else to do…

Yan: And how about some of the techniques – you cover a lot of strange monuments! I think you mention something about strange megaliths in the former Soviet Republics – in the Caucasus mountains – and it always seems as though the building technique was pretty fine tuned.. As you mentioned there was no mortar – in the very ancient building there was no mortar in-between the building blocks.. And probably people could say “well, they had no invented mortar yet” but how about the complexity of this work – what can you tells us about that? I’ve seen some things, which just boggle the mind – for example walls where the stones fit not only on the outside but on the inside as well – can you share with us some of those examples?

Sylvie: Yes, the amazing megaliths in the Ural mountains – those are just so huge it is getting increasingly difficult to believe that humans or humans of our size built them! Some of those building blocks are maybe tens times the size of the famous Baalbek stones – at this point there is no discussion even about moving them… at least about them being moved by a size of human as we are… First of all, the question comes what kind of creatures build them and if it was done by humans – then I think their sheer size points towards using some sort of geopolymer or in simple words – cement technique.

Yan: From your research – what makes you think that those are not.. I’ve seen some of the pictures of those monuments – they are huge – what makes you think that those are not natural formations?

Sylvie: That they are not natural formations? Well, first of all, some of them in the bases have perfectly shaped parallelepiped blocks that is like three rows. That doesn’t occur in nature! You know, sometimes one right angle can occur but a complete block.. and not only one of them but a few miles of them, stacked next to each other with such, obviously, man-made shape – that is quite a good proof by itself! And on the same site – it is called Chertovo Goradishe – the so-called bricks are even lying around – dozens or maybe even hundreds of them and they have a perfect parallelepiped shape – this has not been observed yet in nature – that bricks appear out of nowhere..

Yan: Yeah, but I ask because you know – Yonaguni in Japan – we know that professor Robert Schoch went there and even though many people think that this is a man-made structure – a quarry or something – he thought that is a natural formation and yet we have some flat surfaces, we have some strange square, triangular stones… and that is why I ask – yes, nature does not do some of those shapes but yes Yonaguni – something happened there with the layering of the stones and prof. Robert Schoch who is quite famous in our community – he said that it is a natural formation – so what makes you think that those are not the same?

Sylvie: You mean the ones in Ural?

Yan: Right

Sylvie: Well, as I said, again it has not yet been observed in nature that bricks appear out of nowhere perfectly shaped and by the way on that site in-between some of them even mortar is clearly visible. So we have bricks so to speak, well stone bricks, or cement bricks – some sort of building blocks with perfect parallelepiped shape with mortar in-between them – what else, what other proof should we look for?

Yan: Right, and there is something else, which was discovered in the Caucasus mountains and these are huge megaliths, which are discussed in another video of yours and these megaliths are like caves or tunnels and they go deep underground – so, I’ll ask you the same question – could this be a natural formation in your view and from your research?

Sylvie: From the pictures it is clearly visible that they are not! We have absolutely regular geometric shapes, not just one right angle but it’s full of right angles! And these are building blocks again – they have absolutely perfect parallelepiped shape, especially the first one – I review one in detail and then the next one looks a bit more natural and of that one I have little information but about the first one – the photos speak for themselves! No, that is impossible to be natural!

Yan: I ask because there is a lot of discussion about this – about the Yonaguni, Dr. Robert Schoch and about the Bosnian pyramids, which again some people say that are man-made but then again other people – some geologists say that these are natural formations – Earth rising, former sea beds rising and what not, so this is quite important – to be able to figure out what is natural and what isn’t.. But as you mentioned the photos for those monuments are quite convincing! So again I recommend to people to go to NewEarth on youtube and check those out. And about Cappadocia – from my limited research I thought that it is just one site where there is a city underground – a huge city but just one location. Can you talk a little bit about that, I think you mentioned that you have been to this place, you’ve been to Turkey – are there more places such as Cappadocia or is it just in one region, is there any evidence that this culture spread all over Turkey?

Sylvie: Yes, the underground cities of Derinkuyu are the most famous ones but there are vary small portion of the full complex, which nowadays is not all under earth – many of the layers are now laid barren and are labeled as caves but I show numerous photos proving that when these cities were build for the first time the ground level was completely not where it is now. I mean, some of them are underwater, a lot of them are underwater, others are sticking out above ground, yet others are completely turned upside-down at various angels, which is itself a proof of their extremely old age. It means that the earth layers have been moving since then and moving a lot. So that is one of the proofs that they are most likely millions of years old. No, they are not just at Derinkuyu – almost every village in the Cappadocia valley has its underground cities. Many of the so-called caves or tunnels are in use even nowadays by the Turks. They use them as cellars. Some of them have converted them even to dwellings, to houses, there are even some hotels where you can live in rooms that could have been made millions of years ago. I myself visited a smaller place – not exactly Derinkuyu many years ago – when I was not even aware what I am visiting… and it is not something that is even local to Turkey – some smaller site are also there in Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, and a few other countries – they are not as spectacular as those in Turkey but they go all way even to Malta and a number of countries. It is a really vast underground complex of cities and again it seems that they were meant for permanent dwelling, because some of the cities are connected with underground tunnels that are many kilometers long and one wouldn’t make such type of provisions unless they would intend on living there for an extended period of time.

Yan: And this begs another question – we know from history – mainstream historians, archeologists they claim that those sites were built by… well, they were used by different cultures but that they were mostly used by Christians, they were extended by Christians, and Christians were hiding in them from different empires.. Do you buy this story that they could have been built a few thousand years ago, maybe two thousand years ago by the earliest Christians?

Sylvie: No, the Christians definitely used them. I mean even nowadays Turks use them – that doesn’t mean that they have built them! Christians did not have such technology to start with. I am not even mentioning the geological proofs of the ancient age of those sites. But the very assumption that the Christians could have built them is not very logical in case mainstream history is right telling us that the Christians at that time were basically quite simple living people. I will just point your attention to one single fact – this city in Derinkuyu is at least some 20 storeys deep. They have not yet found the end but they have excavated maybe at least 20 storeys, 20 floors. And while constructing this city all of the floors are of uniform thickness – how could they measure? First of all, how did they know where they were digging? Why didn’t they make any mistakes? There is not a single record found of somewhere where they made an engineering mistake. For example, the floor and the ceiling of the room below getting… too thin. It means that they had some technology. They could very well trace where are they within the solid rock!

Yan: Yes, that is fascinating actually when I think about it – you mentioned maybe 20 storeys-deep cities – at least somewhere they have had to make a mistake! At least once maybe the ceiling will collapse or a column or something would collapse but it does not appear to have happened!

Sylvie: Yes, that is even confirmed by mainstream archeologists and there are many other valid questions, for example, what kind of lightning did they use – there seems to be no trace of any substantial usage of candles so that also opens quite a valid discussion about having possibly electricity or some other sort of energy that we may not even be aware of…

Yan: Yes, and this, of course, opens up a whole lot of other questions and one of them is: Sylvie, why would people need to go so much deep underground to live there – why would people do that? Have you got a theory about that?

Sylvie: No, I don’t have a theory and I think this really happened in the far, far-away past and again this is confirmed by a few scientists who asked the question “well, who lived really there?” Yes, the cities are designed for human habitation but apparently there were a few different spices, or at least a few different sizes of humans that dwelled there at different times and adjusted the dwellings according to their size. It can be judged, for example, from the height of the rooms, the size of the toilets, the steps, staircases, so some of them were actually dwarfs. This is a research done by a British scholar…

Yan: When you say dwarfs – is there any evidence that dwarfs lived anywhere else in the world, let’s say, other than Cappadocia? Is there any evidence from the buildings and the size of the stairs – have you comes across any such information?

Sylvie: Well, there are those famous islands… forgive me, I don’t remember their exact names, but over there it is full of skeletons – yes, dwarfs lived there. They are not a favorite topic of the mainstream science because many branches would find them uncomfortable, including the so-called theory of Darwin. Also there is another site, which Alexander Kaltepin mentions in Russia and again I cannot remember all the names but over there he remembers his years in university when they studied this particular archeological site. They unofficially told them in the university that “and by the way it is all sized as if dwarfs live there” but this they were told so to say in the spare time. It wasn’t officially included in their textbooks.

Yan: And when you say it was not officially included in the textbooks – from your videos and from other videos.. and it has been a lot of material that has been accumulating, I would say, in the alternative community – in the sphere of alternative explorers… A lot of information has been accumulating about the possibility that our history may be very different than what is taught in the history books. And I am just interested – if there is so much evidence and this evidence has not just come to the surface – this evidence has been here all along – why the material written in the textbooks is different than what you are talking about on your YouTube channel?

Sylvie: Well, this is an excellent question. And that leads to another question – who determines what is science? Because officially we are supposed to be taught scientific facts in school and yet what is the institution that determines what is science and what is not? And the answer to this is that this is not a scientific institution, these are government divisions that follow the orders of international organizations and these organizations are concerned with ruling the people the way they consider it should be and not with presenting real science to us.

Yan: And when you say that, people will probably say you are talking about conspiracy theories but the thing is any organization and especially a power structure – a ruling organization – their first priority is to preserve and expand their power, right? And they would probably use any means to achieve that including redacting history. Would you agree with that?

Sylvie: Yes, sure.

Yan: And on your videos you mention some of the examples where it appears that history has been redacted – can you tell us a little bit about Russia and about some of the clothing that the Russian aristocracy used in the distant past?

Sylvie: Not just aristocracy! Their very kings were wearing helmets and all their weapons – swords and so on – actually most of them.. somebody calculated some 60-70% of them have inscriptions in Arabic and not just any inscriptions but they glorified Allah and so on… While at the same time mainstream history assures us that these two regions were always bitter enemies! And what were then the Ottoman and Islamic rulers doing at the same time – we find a very interesting passage from German mainstream history books where they tell us that the Islamic rulers, without supposedly knowing what they were doing, were depicting themselves with Christian crosses and were even minting images of Jesus Christ on their coins! Well, obviously the history of religion was somewhat different from what we are led to believe nowadays. Obviously the people were much more united than we are led to believe nowadays.

Yan: I think that on one of your videos you pointed to some evidence from Europe – I think it was Western Europe.. I am not sure if it was Germany.. but about a cathedral there which actually had the Crescent.. and the Moon as a symbol on top instead of the Cross..

Sylvie: Yes, that’s in Vienna. It is very interesting – according the mainstream history the Muslims were repeatedly attacking Vienna yet never managed to conquer it. But on this very interesting old paining Vienna, supposedly attacked by Muslims, has on its main cathedral, which is in the center of the city, the Crescent symbol. And what was actually happening in reality, according to the history that I suggest and it is not my personal research but I am mostly presenting the history as presented by the Project of the New Chronology led by Anatoly Fomenko. This crescent along with the Christian cross were the main symbols of the empire of this culture that remained heritage from the older advanced civilizations.

Yan: Now, you said something very interesting and we are going back further in time, I guess – an ancient advanced civilization.. and you have a series called When the Atlantis Survivors wake and there is a lot of information in this series about an ancient civilization and what happened to our history. My question is… and it is a bit difficult but… what will happen when the Atlantis survivors wake up? What do you think will happen when the Atlantis survivors wake up?

Sylvie: Well, I am half-way trough the work on this documentary and I have not yet covered this most interesting topic…

Yan: Is it a secret?

Sylvie: .. No, it is not a secret at all – I think that we are already in the process of awakening and what will happen… Well, gradually we will awaken to our true history and as more and more people become aware that they are actually descendants of a very glorious race and not a bunch of monkeys the pressure on the social institutions will increase. Gradually the vaults where where the old books are kept will open and also the museum vaults where the uncomfortable archeological artifacts are stored will become also available to the public. And with the help of techniques such as remote viewing we are very near to finding out who are we in reality. I think that currently we are in a position of a Prince or a child of a King that has been kidnapped and placed into the custody of slaves and has been taught since its very childhood that you have always been a slave and all you can be is remain a slave forever, because that’s how things are. Well, they are not this way and many of us are already awakening to the fact we have actually much more glorious forefathers than we are led to believe and I hope time will come soon that we will claim our heritage, our right on our inheritance, which is the knowledge of this old advanced civilization.

Yan: And when you say ‘glorious past’ and probably ‘a great civilization’ – those megalithic structures that we discussed and many others, which we did not discuss, point to that – to the existence of such a culture and I am increasingly aware of people remembering.. having strange visions and remembering things from the past, which is very strange.. people who I never expected would have such memories.. do.. And we can probably talk about incarnations – do you believe that we reincarnate into human bodies? Is this part of your beliefs?

Sylvie: Yes, it is part of my beliefs and part of the things that I not only believe but things that I have actually, so to say, seen in the most direct sense during my interactions with native shamans in the Amazon forest..

Yan: Now, that is quite fascinating – you mentioned that you spent some time in Peru and you had experiences with ayahuasca and with shamanic ceremonies – can you tell us a little bit about.. we will talk ayahuasca, because I think that it is an interesting subject.. But.. about your personal experiences – how many ceremonies did you take part in and what is the information, which came to you, if you remember that..?

Sylvie: Yes, fortunately, I remember everything! Well, I visited Peru and Brazil three times in total and the stay altogether was one and a half years. Until now I have participated in roughly some 200 hundred ayahuasca ceremonies – what did I learn, well, the most important thing is I became more aware of who I am and that not only me.. but all humans have the natural ability to function in other dimensions! Not only the solid and limiting box of the three dimension and time.. as a fourth.. that we know of! We have been programmed since our very early childhood that this is the only reality and also a kind of fear has been artificially placed in us about the subconscious, about other state of consciousness. The mass media is associating them with something abnormal. I think that this is the main weapon that is being used against us by those who want to keep the humans in ignorance..

Yan: Yes, I would call it conformity – we are given a set of rules, a set of morals, a set of beliefs and now we have to conform to them.. and for some reason most of us do! I don’t know why that is but we tend to be angry with people who are trying new things and are talking about things, which are different from out beliefs.. and we are very easily offended – have you noticed this, Sylvie?

Sylvie: Yes, I fully agree..

Yan: ..Yeah, we are very easily offended and because most of the population on the planet is religious – from the mainstream religions – they have a very strict set of beliefs and it is very difficult to challenge those beliefs. And very few religions.. and especially the Christian and Muslim religions they tend not to talk about, well, one: reincarnation and two: very ancient history.. well, other than the creation story and some myths that they have in the Bible.. but they don’t explore that as a different culture, as a different civilization – this is not talked about at all! Do you think the Christian and maybe the Muslim religions – their institutions – that they have some evidence that is not presented to us?

Sylvie: Well, the really high level.. like the Vatican, I think, yes, they are definitely hiding.. They are famous for that! Indeed I think that this is their main task to store and hide from us old books and old knowledge.. but as far as lower lever priests like the one in your local church – they are just repeating the version of Christianity that they have learned and I believe that it is a very recent one.. And my personal conviction is that this has nothing to do with the original preachings and ideas of Jesus Christ…

Yan: Was Jesus Christ an actual person who existed?

Sylvie: Well, I have not had any let’s say ayahuasca visions about this particular subject but in general my belief is that he did exist but he was not such a limited person the way he is presented to us nowadays – a person who taught more or less fairy tales that cannot be applied in practice.. I mean Christianity as we know it nowadays.. OK… it has some small remnants like, for example, ‘Love your neighbor’, ‘Be Kind’.. but this is so general – the main point is missing! The main point of the message of Jesus Christ can be found in some old gospels where he defines Christianity or at least the early Christians defined Christianity as thiSylvie: ‘When you close your eyes at night, you start seeing the real truth and those who see it, those who see the real world when they close their eyes – they are real Christians.’ Well, how to get to that state, which is an absolutely valid description of an altered state of consciousness – that process has been cut off, it has been removed from the original Christianity and what is the point of what is left over if it cannot be applied practically?

Yan: Right, and the past has been so much obfuscated and redacted and we can talk a lot about the Council of Nicaea and how the Bible was put together, and how it was translated, so there is a lot to question there. I am still not sure how people can just trust that book or any other book.. I guess you can.. but it is just clues to your history – you can’t put your faith entirely in it, so I am fascinated that people actually can.. I am not sure what this process is.. But let’s go back to ayahuasca and you mentioned sleep and Jesus talking about the sleep state and I know that a molecule – DMT – is produced in small quantities when we sleep but DMT is also something, which is present in ayahuasca – what does DMT do?

Sylvie: Well, to be honest I have not used pure DMT to achieve other states of consciousness. I have only used ayahuasca as such. And there is much more to ayahuasca than DMT. I have spoken with many people who have tried both and DMT – it definitely gives you access to the astral plane but ayahuasca does it more with educational guidance added to this access.

Yan: From my limited knowledge if you take pure DMT – it is a short trip whereas the ayahuasca ceremony is a longer event – is that true?

Sylvie: Yes, much longer! It lasts for hours, sometime even all trough the night. DMT will take you to the astral plane – it is usually very visual, it can be very, very beautiful, amazing. It opens one’s eyes but ayahuasca will also teach you how to function over there..

Yan: And I guess, you couple that with the presence of a shaman – someone who understands ayahuasca and the ceremony – someone who can guide you trough the process, I guess… What is the role of the shaman – is he helping you in this journey, let’s call it?

Sylvie: Well, hopefully, he does! That’s why we use them! But in general I think the role of the shaman is somewhat exaggerated by the conditioning we have. You know, we find every excuse not to believe in our own multidimensional capabilities and we tend to find any other explanation but not the right one, which is our own powers. So shamans, yeah, there are some very, very powerful shamans that can literally take you by the hand and then guide you to specific realms of the astral world. No all are that strong. Indeed I would say most of them are just able to help now and then but again it all depends on their skills, on their level that they have reached. Most of the miracles that happen during ayahuasca ceremonies are just the result of the magical brew combined with our divine human consciousness. My main message is that we should not underestimate our own abilities and always when it comes to something great to search for some alien explanation or some other magical source – unknown source – everything but ourselves! My main message is that the nearest that we can perceive, the nearest to the actual God, is us! We are the God, in the most simple words. There are higher levels but those we cannot even discuss…

Yan: If you said a few hundred years ago, you would have been burned at the stake! It is so sacrilegious to say that we are the closest thing to God! But I wanted to ask you, because ayahuasca and DMT – these are categorized as drugs and are very difficult to use in most Western Countries – is ayahuasca addictive?

Sylvie: Oh no, definitely not! That I can guarantee you, because currently I am not drinking. I drank really a lot and I stopped all of a sudden.. No I have not developed any addiction, nor I have ever heard of anybody developing an addiction! There are some shamans in the Amazon, because over there that is a profession – some of them would practice for many years – maybe they drank for 20 or 30 years almost every day with their patients, with their clients and then one of them, for example, decided to become an artist and he just stopped drinking ayahuasca – he started painting and he is a living example that it is impossible to develop any addiction, even after drinking really large amounts of it!

Yan: Right, and what about side-effects? Are there any negative side-effects – short-term of long-term?

Sylvie: A am not aware of any such effects as long as the brew consists of the two main ingredients – ayahuasca and chacruna! When some extra herbs are added – that is now a completely different story, because there are thousands of herbs that can be added and, of course, each and every herb has its own properties so this becomes a really very vast topic if we consider those additives but as long as it is made only of the two main components I can say – definitely and with full honesty and responsibility that I have seen many people who have drank large quantities at once or in shorter periods of time and have not had any side effects in terms of health or any other…

Yan:.. Because those brews are banned in most countries we can’t really investigate officially the effects, which is all too bad, I guess. Right now in the US, the official authorities are still saying that cannabis is very dangerous for your health, for example, and it is a Schedule 1 drug, which means it is basically on the same level as heroin and cocaine…

Sylvie: .. But I would like to clarify something here – when I say that there are no side-effects even with large doses what I mean is that it will not poison you.. However, something else may happen – you may end up, and especially for those who are new to ayahuasca – they may end up in a situation where a person who has never driven a car and tries it for the fist time and does so with a race car and develops 2-3 hundred km/hr with a few minutes and this is his first driving experience.. Well, that can be one very bumpy drive! And very scary! And may even end up in an accident but that is not because there is something wrong with the cars! The cars by themselves are not bad – they are not dangerous – it is just a question of knowing which vehicle is suitable for you! Do you need a guide? What is your driving level? So when I say that ayahuasca doesn’t have side effects, please, don’t take it to mean you can just buy any brew and drink as much as you can and nothing scary will happen! Well, many scary things will happen.. may happen, if you are alone, if you are not guided properly, if you don’t know what you are drinking, and how much! There will be no permanent damage to your health. Let’s say that in the worst case scenario that you drink too much, you will just vomit it immediately but still great caution should be exercised and especially for those who are new to ayahuasca – they should always take and drink with a qualified shaman!

Yan: Right, and what about bad trips – people who have negative visions and experiences? Have you had such experiences yourself or have you come across people who have such experiences?

Sylvie: Yes, I have had those in abundance, especially in the beginning when I started drinking ayahuasca. And the reason was.. one of the reason, the main reason was that I was very, very sick for a very long time when I started drinking ayahuasca and that was one of the reasons I did this brave trip to the jungle of which I was initially very scared myself, to be honest! So I am kind of a specialist in bad trips…

Yan: They didn’t deter you, you still tried to extract as much as possible benefit from ayahuasca?

Sylvie: Oh, I was so afraid in the beginning! For example the first time was just the most unimaginable Hells that happened to me! But the healing effect even from the very first ceremony was so big, so unbelievable that I had to continue, because I was with an unbearable headaches for 9 years when I started.

Yan: I’ve had headaches as well.. quite a lot.. But I wanted to ask you – many people say that ayahuasca or DMT is nothing like the rest of the drugs, which are just psychedelics and in this you are more aware and sometimes you have contacts with actual intelligent beings whom you are sure are not part of your psyche. Have you had any such contacts, or experiences, or conversations with other consciousness?

Sylvie: Well, I am a person that likes a bit privacy so before talking about my personal meetings I would like to clarify something – that it is not so easy, especially for beginners to make a difference between contacting a part of their own self and contacting beings that actually exist outside of his own psyche! The thing is when I say we function in other dimension – one way to see it is that all our previous and future incarnations are also existing in the present because this is a very difficult concept, because it involves understanding time and how time is just another type of energy and all points in time accessed at any time… now it becomes very difficult to understated – but this involves understanding time. I consider myself fortunate to have started understanding time so my observation with myself and with many other people is that often, especially in the beginning, we tend to see other faces of ourselves, other parts of our own being and label them as different beings, and I think that it would usually take the practice of a couple hundred ceremonies before we would be able to start distinguishing what exists outside of our being and what is just part of it. And even that is very personal – this is very general when I say e few hundred… For some people even a few thousand would not be enough and some do it without drinking ayahuasca…

Yan: I think that humanity as a whole is quite traumatized, a person by the name of Stefan Verstappen says that we are neurotic, we are traumatized and it is all because of our history and conflicting theories, and conflict… And because we are in such a bad emotional state – we need something to help as recover – do you think that ayahuasca could be one of the tools to help us recover mentally and emotionally?

Sylvie: Most definitely! Most definitely!

Yan: Would you recommend it to other people or do you think that each of us should somehow.. encounter that on their way – should we seek ayahuasca or do you think that ayahuasca is something which just should be allowed in the world for people to experience… do you see my point?

Sylvie: Well, yes and no – first of all, should it be allowed? Yes, I mean, it is against human rights to ban the usage of such a great medicine… I mean we don’t even own our own bodies if we are not allowed to use a medicine of our choice..

Yan: They treat us like infantile people and they think that they can set the limits on us, which is… I am personally offended by that! I understand that some people will abuse that but this is the way it is with alcohol for example – you can also abuse coffee.. and it is just somehow not right to prevent us or make it so much difficult for us to try other things.. But ayahuasca seems like such a powerful tool – shouldn’t we convince the medical authorities that this should be used with psychiatric patients, with all kinds of people who have problems… maybe even with the general population – in school we were asked to drink certain pills.. I don’t remember what they were.. but we take vaccines for example… isn’t ayahuasca better than vaccines for our emotional and psychical health?

Sylvie: Well, I would say at least a few million times better! I don’t think it should be made compulsory.. but everybody should be told the truth about ayahuasca and other magical plants – San Pedro cactus, Jurema.. there are so many! Ayahuasca is just one of the more famous ones, it is not the only. So everybody should be informed but, no, I am against making anything compulsory…

Yan: Right, compulsory is not something that I want but certainly it should be allowed and maybe recommended… At this point we just…

Sylvie: ..Highly recommended!

Yan: ..we just ban everything – our medical authorities ban everything other than the worst which is alcohol, which does not.. I think.. does not give us anything spiritual.. It is just empty.. does not give us anything! We can drink coffee as much as we want, we can take all kinds of vaccines, which damage our immune system and our brains and what not.. but when it comes to spiritual stuff and consciousness – No, you can’t do that! But I ask this because, for example, in Peru and Latin America ayahuasca is usually drank by shamans and their disciples.. It is not something which is drank by everyone…

Sylvie: Well, I would share actually an interesting experience, because when I arrived in Peru I already had some old friends in Lima – an architect and he told me much to my surprise that, yes, people in the street have in Peru had mostly forgotten about ayahuasca and it was mostly the shamans only drinking, even the patients would not drink.. but that is very rapidly changing nowadays, because the Peruvians themselves saw that foreigners are coming by the thousands to drink ayahuasca and it is becoming very, very popular in Lima and many ordinary people organized huge ayahuasca ceremonies there – it is going on on an unbelievable scale. And this is like a first hand witness record from me that I had in Lima. So Peruvians themselves are awakening to drinking ayahuasca again. It is the same like their dances – tango and all that – they were not so fond of them until the Westerners didn’t discover them, make them popular and then the Peruvians turned back to them again…

Yan: This is interesting – I didn’t know that.. But it must be a good thing – some people will have bad trips, some people will have bad plants mixed with the good plants and there will be… But this is a process, I guess…

Sylvie: I am sorry to interrupt you but I think I forgot to clarify something about the bad trips.. Well, it seems that the bad trips are the good ayahuasca ceremonies, because what are the bad trips is we see the dirty stuff coming out! And this is not only my personal opinion – many shamans think so.. well, most shamans think so!

Yan: By dirty stuff you mean from our consciousness, from our psyche?

Sylvie: Yes, exactly! Yes, and they manifest in external sicknesses – nothing happens by chance – all the problems we have with our bodies on any level originate from our mistaken belief system at the end.. And ayahuasca is exactly that – she shows us how to fix out beliefs system and when the root is fixed everything gradually starts to grow the right way and to correct itself magically. We call it magic but it is actually a very scientific thing.

Yan: It is very scientific – there is nothing [paranormal] about it. We mentioned ayahuasca and we mentioned ancient civilizations, possibly Atlantis, possibly us being part of that – could ayahuasca be a tool to help us remember?

Sylvie: That’s exactly what it is! Ayahuasca it awakens what we call subconscious, which means our memory that is naturally connected to what many people call Akashik records. This is so to say the repository of the information of the universe. I think originally the human species had a full access at any time to this so-called Akashic records and gradually as we devolved to our current deplorable state, we lost this and many other abilities.. and since ayahuasca is about awakening our multidimensional abilities – getting access again to the Akashic records is just a natural part of this awakening.

Yan: Right, that’s good news! At least we have we have a means, we have a tool to help us on our path and I would consider ayahuasca such a tool. You mentioned our current deplorable situation.. Our current deplorable situation – is this something which we cause on ourselves or was there an external force – have you come to some conclusion about this?

Sylvie: Yes, that was one question that has always bother me! If there is this God and higher consciousness – why is he or it allowing all this suffering or organizing it… and I didn’t do anything bad – why did I get this headaches, you know, things like that… Well, the external force that organized the fall of the human race is just an external manifestation of something that in a sense you could say we caused for ourselves for educational purposes.. Now we go really to the deepest level of knowledge.. at least the deepest level for me and that is that, inherently, evil is not bad. Evil is just one educational tool in this environment of the material universe, which I see very much as an educational place. And if somebody wonders what is this education and what are we going to do when we graduate.. I want to give just one very small example from the Vedic literature and the example is that the living entity who created our universe and even all living beings together with all the planets and all the unimaginable wonders that currently we cannot even conceive of – all this expanded from one single being, one single soul and he is just one of the many – there are according to the Vedic literature clusters of Universes and who is that living being? He is just another spark, another soul like ourselves who has already graduated from the educational place of the material universe..

Yan: Right, this is fascinating and you sometimes mention Parasites – entities, which pray on us and I will ask you the same question – are those external beings or are they a result of us not facing our demons or some problems with our psyche?

Sylvie: The way I describe them in the Atlantis survivors series – they are definitely external beings that came from other regions of the universe but all this did not happen by chance to us – it came for educational purpose and yes, they were allowed by the law of Karma and that was triggered by problems within us.

Yan: And now it becomes complicated.. but I will probably ask you to come back again and chat with me, because there are other topics, which I want to explore with you but throughout this conversation we were talking about ancient civilizations and history being suppressed and changed so this question comes up – is our history… do you think that our history is lost forever, do you think we could recover our history and possibly our memory of it?

Sylvie: Yes, this is a truly excellent question – I was hoping that you would ask me that, because on YouTube many people commented and they were saying, unfortunately, we now understand that we had a glorious history but it is lost forever – we will never find out what really happened! Well, I really want to promise to everybody that there tool for recovering our real history. Some of them are even accessible for everybody – they are training courses for remote viewing, especially in US that is becoming a very popular trend, and even people without any special psychic abilities by birth can start remote viewing gradually certain elements of the history. It is not so easy like there is this person Courtney Brown – he organizes various projects and a team of people who have no connection between each other and don’t even know what exactly period of history or is it even history.. even that much they don’t know.. but they remote view details.. After that they compile them.. I mean the very fact that unrelated people view the same details about a particular event already by itself proves that such a research does have some legitimacy. Well, his work is still on a very small scale but as more and more people awaken to these possibilities… because remote viewing is just another name to our ability to perceive events with the help of the astral dimension so as we awaken our abilities by remote viewing, by ayahuasca, by shamanic work gradually those details about particular events will just add more and more to this puzzle and we can add more and more pieces and that’s how the real history will be discovered. And it is working very well on a small scale – for example – other way to access this astral plane is by past life regression and it is proving to work very well in reality – thousand of people have found their graves from previous lives just by going to a past life expressionist and remembering events from the past. So this is an obvious proof that these are absolutely verifiable and reliable methods of viewing the past and already thtse past life expressionists have compiled some small pieces of this big puzzle of our history so I think that we are just in the initial stages of understanding how we can recover the real history and within the next few decades it will be just a question of doing it.

Yan: Right, you mentioned some of the best tools – past life regression, and ayahuasca, and you mentioned remote viewing and another tool is information! And your youtube channel NewEarth is busy providing this to us! So I want to thank you for your work – what should we look forward to – are you working on some new information, maybe some new videos?

Sylvie: Well, yes, I am half-way trough the Survivors series – the most interesting is still to come – very few people in the West are aware.. for example… and this is the most unusual part that will come in the Survivors is that possibly there was a really, truly world war some 200 hundred years ago and millions and millions of people belonging to this civilization of the survivors was wiped out and the aftermath of this war was cleverly masked always as some local events and this and that and everything else but the truth and because most of the people are not there anymore to tell us what actually happen we might not be aware of this war and the details that some people are starting to discover in Russia are really mind-blowing.. this is the most interesting that is about to come on my channel. Other topics – I hope I will have time to cover them this year – are time-travel and also a lot of geoglyphs and other similar structures like very few people know that underwater there are really traces of some mining activity – that is something that is very little discussed and the images from some places are really convincing – there is no question that this is…, well, I am not sure if man-made or.. intelligent-being-made… projects…

Yan: Right, and it all just sounds fascinating and even the information which is thus far uploaded is truly informative, and interesting, and captivating so people should hopefully go and see that! I am taking the time not only to see the videos but to see them a second time, because there is so much detail and plus you use a lot of… well, the music is beautiful and the pictures and the images, which you use are quite colorful and pleasant to the eye so it is a very good experience to watch your videos – thank you for that. I am looking forward to the new ones! Please come back to my podcast sometime and, Sylvie, please keep up the good work!

Sylvie: Well, thank you very much for the good words and yes, hopefully, we can talk again sometime in the future.

Yan: Thanks a lot, Sylvie, bye-bye, take care!

Sylvie: Bye!

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