Sylvie Ivanowaproducer of the beautiful and enlightening YouTube documentary channel ‘NewEarth’ graciously accepted an invitation for a chat regarding some of her work on NewEarth as well as some of her personal journeys. Ayahuasca was also discussed.

We recommend all New Earth videos but Planet of the Megaliths, and When the Atlantis Survivors Wake Up and Ayahuasca basics are basically a must-see.NewEarth

Additionally we did mention:

Bigger than Baalbek…The amazing megaliths of the Ural Mountains

Huge Underground Megaliths discovered in Caucasus, Russia

Cappadocia-underground cities built when we were monkeys?

The Stolen History of Religion

Ayahuasca alternatives – yoga, past life regression, for cure – scenar technology, vitafon


► Full Interview (save as): Altsider Interviews Sylvie Ivanowa

Transcript: When the Atlantis Survivors Wake up

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10 Responses to Sylvie Ivanowa – New Earth

  1. Malcolm Turner says:

    Can I just say, I don’t think Sylvie needs voice over on her videos.
    I personally lover listening to her voice and accent. And I’m sure
    many other of her fans do to.
    Thank you

  2. Jean Pierre De Mante La Joli says:

    Dear Sylvie

    I certainly concur with Malcom your voice is very pleasant and very clear. I have been listening and watching your videos for hours. Those videos are truly excellent both in respect to their content and the beauty of the composition and without wanting to flatter your voice an integral part of that. I am deeply grateful for the wonderful research you are conducting as it opens my eyes for something I have always known on a deeper level.

    Thank you for being

  3. Susan C Gilman says:

    Dear Sylvie

    I, too, have been listening and watching your videos for hours. Thank you so very much for producing such wonderfully inspiring, stimulating, more truthful compositions ! Oh! regarding Jesus, in the latter part of the 19th c, many more aware people knew that a Greek man named Apollonius of Tyana was the Great Teacher, who had performed miracles and traveled up into Kashmir, etc. Then, Constantine commanded that all records of him be destroyed, out of jealouse, because Apollonius led such a clean, pure, exemplary life, while Constantine drank alcohol, ate red meat and womanized. Tho we now only have access to a little biography of this Great, Inspiring Man, (plus a few statues), I encourage you to consider including this in one of your videos. It’s such an “Aha !”

    Love and blessings, Susanji

  4. These kind of truths have changed my whole belief structure. I don’t know what to believe anymore! Though i know for sure what ‘history’ says cannot possibly be accurate or true.
    thank you sooo much for all your research and dedication to getting this information out to us normal persons.

  5. Ron samartino says:

    Hello Sylvie,
    I noticed the underwater structure on Google Earth just below usvi and Puerto rico. Absolutely unexplainable and opens up all the same questions you are exposing. My “BUCKET LIST”now includes visiting all the megaliths and old history world sites…..because of your great videos…can’t thank you enough…..don’t give up…you are doing a great service for us all. Ron S

  6. oneno says:

    Have you considered the Billy Meier event timeline?

    The site also has a writeup on Atlantis.

  7. Sylvie! U Da Bomb!. You put the U in Universe, best most intriguiging channel for truth on the net! And is a dream come tru!!! Th-Ankh U Love!!!! Illumination upon your SOUL!!!

  8. john wood says:

    I found Sylvie Ivanowa, after listening to the higherside chats…love her work
    How can I go about trying Ayahuasca in the UK.
    I have no idea where I can buy it…
    Thanks for any advice

  9. Leszek Karpinski says:

    Dear Sylvie , if You ever get to read that i must thank you with all my heart. I watched many of your videos and you showed me things i will never knew about. You are so right, and Your research, in my opinion , is the most inportant research on face of the earth. You showed me all the lies and proved beyond a doubt that history is one big lie. Thank You for ever. But…. (there is always but) i have seen recentely Your video about Antarctica, and most of the materials You used were official materials. I strongly advise You to check Every sigle bit About the NASA and moon exploration, and so on. I m sure You will see it , unless you have reasons not to (there is whole new part to research). I m sure you dont want lose half of your fans and possibly donations, so keep it to yourself, but check with your inteligent mind, everything about them.
    Everything best , from : Leszek.

  10. Ian says:

    Sylvie- You are the best. I listen to all your videos for hours. I would like to see your face, though? To put a face to the wonderful voice…

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