“The ability to fit perfectly fitting stones of several tons in weight together so that a single human hair can’t fit in-between them is not a question of sweat or man-hours… It’s a question of technology” – Brien Foerster


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Sylvie Ivanowa – New Earth

Sylvie Ivanowaproducer of the beautiful and enlightening YouTube documentary channel ‘NewEarth’ graciously accepted an invitation for a chat regarding some of her work on NewEarth as well as some of her personal journeys. Ayahuasca was also discussed.

We recommend all New Earth videos but Planet of the Megaliths, and When the Atlantis Survivors Wake Up and Ayahuasca basics are basically a must-see.NewEarth

Additionally we did mention:

Bigger than Baalbek…The amazing megaliths of the Ural Mountains

Huge Underground Megaliths discovered in Caucasus, Russia

Cappadocia-underground cities built when we were monkeys?

The Stolen History of Religion

Ayahuasca alternatives – yoga, past life regression, for cure – scenar technology, vitafon


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Transcript: When the Atlantis Survivors Wake up

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