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“What’s that you say – perpetual motion is impossible? My, you’re a difficult one to please. The electrons in the molecules of rock formations have been spinning steadily for millions of years without stopping – at what point will you agree that they are in perpetual motion?” – Patrick J. Kelly


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Senate.gov – EPW Republicans release updated report, “Critical Thinking on Climate Change: Empirical Evidence to Consider Before Taking Regulatory Action and Implementing Economic Policies”

Key information included in the updated report:

• Considerations of the benefits of CO2
• Wildfire and forestry management issues
• Polar Bear populations
• Inaccuracies in the Obama Administration’s National Climate Assessment
• Updated data on extreme weather events
• Economic and energy poverty impacts in European countries that adopted climate policies

Dan Willis – The Disclosure Project

Altsider had a special guest – his name is Dan Willis. Dan is one of the witnesses who testified at the 2001 National Press Club conference organized by Dr. Steven Greer. The topic was Disclosure Dan Willis is a US Navy veteran –  he had a high level Top Secret, crypto level 14, extra sensitive material handling security clearance in the Navy. In 1969 he received confirmation from a Navy ship regarding the sighting of a USO/UFO emerging out of the ocean and traveling at speeds vastly beyond our capabilties at that time… and maybe even today.

We discussed what happened/didn’t happen at and after the 2001 NPC event, the mind-controlling done to the population,  break-away civilizations and government secrecy.

Dan’s personal website is thewebmatrix.net – this is where you can find hints as to “Who controls the agreed upon reality…”


Additional items mentioned in the conversation:

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Derren Brown – The Experiments: The Assassin [Video]

When Media Mergers Limit More Than Competition

The official site for the The Disclosure Project

Dr. Steven Greer’s “Sirius” – Official Trailer


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