“The ET issue, I think, is very clearly established through the body of evidence that we have but there is something, I think, even more spectacular – if some of these objects… making right-hand turns without decelerating… are ours [then] what are we doing using jet engines and rockets?”     – Dr. Steven Greer


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Dan Willis – The Disclosure Project

Altsider had a special guest – his name is Dan Willis. Dan is one of the witnesses who testified at the 2001 National Press Club conference organized by Dr. Steven Greer. The topic was Disclosure Dan Willis is a US Navy veteran –  he had a high level Top Secret, crypto level 14, extra sensitive material handling security clearance in the Navy. In 1969 he received confirmation from a Navy ship regarding the sighting of a USO/UFO emerging out of the ocean and traveling at speeds vastly beyond our capabilties at that time… and maybe even today.

We discussed what happened/didn’t happen at and after the 2001 NPC event, the mind-controlling done to the population,  break-away civilizations and government secrecy.

Dan’s personal website is thewebmatrix.net – this is where you can find hints as to “Who controls the agreed upon reality…”


Additional items mentioned in the conversation:

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Full Interview (save as): Altsider Interviews Dan Willis

Transcript part 1: Conference

Transcript part 2: Disclosure

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Bruce Fenton – Earth 4 All

Bruce Fenton is a traveler and an explorer of ancient megalithic sites; he is the author of two books, which investagate our ancient and possibly extraterrestial origins. It was through his work that we learned about a few fascinating places that we had not heard of before – Bruce is best known for his work in Ecuador where hidden in the Llanganates jungle could lie some of the most astonishing monuments of ancient South America. Recently Bruce visited a former Soviet country – Georgia, which is located in the foothills of the Caucasus mountains where he was tasked by the Discovery Network with a job to locate and film what could turn out to be a very, very ancient megalithic structure hidden in the mountains there.

• More information about Llanganates here Pyramid3

• More information about the Georgia site here

• Bruce Fenton’s own website Earth4all.net

Full Interview (save as): Altsider Interviews Bruce Fenton

Transcript part 1: Journey

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